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DJ 2010

DJ2010 is the very first batch of freshmen & working journalists (MNBC) to undertake a Diploma in Journalism in Maldives.

The 2 year Diploma Program is planned in a manner that its Graduates will have a broader knowledge on:

1. Ancient & Modern History of Maldives & World

2. Advanced Dhivehi/English Language & its Usage

3. Social & Environmental Issues in Maldives/Globally

4. Creating & Maintaining Websites, Usage of Flash& Photoshop

5. Islam – in a Social perspective

6. Multimedia Journalism – Writing & Composing for Web

7. News Reporting & Writing

Affordable rate of less than Mrf20,000.00 broadens the chances of entrance.

Carried out in Maldives College of Higher Education, the course is facilitated by  leading experts in related fields, in addition to guest lecturers on special topics and themes.

Students of the first batch made History in the Faculty of Arts, by organizing trips.

A trip was made to AA Thoddu, to explore and experience its rich cultural heritage of Dagaba.

Throughout the visit, the participants also observed social & environmental issues faced by the islanders, famous as the best watermellon-farmers in the country.

First Batch- Diploma in Journalism
DJ2010 @ Srilanka College of Journalism; Oct 2010

Later on a week-long visit was made to the neighboring Srilanka.

The visit included tours & sessions to Srilankan Parliament, Lake House & College.

It is expected that by the end of the program, the graduates will be ready to take any challenge in the field of Media.

All having interest in the same field, created an everlasting bond among the students and lecturers.

Being professional at the same time, Dean & lecturers always maintain a good rapo with DJ2010.

Students are always welcomed by them to discuss studies and other concerning issues.

The bond, especially among the students gave birth to a happy & a new beginning to some.

Some students of DJ2010- everyone shares a close bond

I am lucky to be one of DJ2010s, to hopefully graduate late this year.


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