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I am a writer since I could remember. Though not as a very serious profession, my first initiations as a writer began while I was doing my secondary education.

Later on, the hobby of writing took a little twist to the field of translations. This is when I started working as part-time translator for JazeeraDaily (A local daily paper then).



Working on translations, and my keen interest on Current Affairs, which I believe came from my field of Arts Studies, inspired me to choose Journalism as a Profession.

Upon completion of my Higher Secondary Educations & a short term course on Journalism & Reporting, I joined Cyprea as a Marketing Executive which allowed me to understand how several systems worked both in Maldives and Abroad.

After sometime, I took the challenge of working seriously in the field of journalism. This is when I joined Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation during mid 2009 as a journalist/newscaster.

Though I joined as a Journalist covering political news, I preferred a change to work as a journalist/newscaster  covering & reporting Environment & International Affairs.

In this manner, a report I made about Ecosystems Threats in Maldives was also on-aired on CNN International, while the coverage of Maldives Help Pakistan Media telethon was played on several TV Channels in South Asian Region.

Working as a journalist/newscaster in MNBC, made me realize journalism needs just more than experience. It needs education & professionalism, in order to carry out work responsibly. This is why I made the best use of the chance provided by MNBC, to join a Diploma Program in MCHE, which I am currently undertaking.


Comments on: "About Me" (2)

  1. Shivakumaran T said:

    appreciable and remarkable venture

  2. m proud to say in our maldives we have some gurls n boys who have more knowledges n more creatives things to there heart i just want say to them please show ur knowledge to others also n make there knowledge also come to our face

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