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Have you ever been a mosquito magnet?

It has got nothing to do with you appearance or personality though.

The two major chemicals produced by the body are seemed to be most attractive to mosquitoes; uric acid and cholesterol.

However, if you’re in an area where there are lots of mosquitoes or where mosquitoes are breeding, your attractiveness to mosquitoes may be a disputable point, as the insects will be seeking out any possible target.

Possible Mosquito Breeding Ground

Possible Mosquito Breeding Ground

Mosquito in Male’

Since mid-February, capital Male’ and ViliMale’ had been experiencing a rising threat of being bitten by a mosquito.

The rate of mosquito breeding in the Maldives is relatively high in comparison to other South Asian countries.

The official authorities are carrying out various programs to control mosquito breeding.

Insecticides are often used in places prone to mosquito breed.

However, the general public remains highly accountable in controlling the outbreak.

A simple plant pot up in the terrace could also become a breeding ground; imagine, multiplying this by hundreds. The answer is no more than thousands of mosquitoes; also not forget the outbreak of diseases.

Possible Mosquito Breeding Ground

Possible Mosquito Breeding Ground

How a Mosquito spread diseases

The female mosquito bites by she inserting her or feeding tube into the skin in search of blood.  The feeding tube that she uses to drink the blood is very small, so to make it easier for the proboscis to penetrate the skin and to prevent the blood from clotting and blocking the tube, she releases a small amount of anticoagulant saliva.

The blood that the female mosquito takes into her body may be with parasites, viruses or other disease-causing organisms.

While in the mosquito, these parasites or viruses will continue to develop and reproduce, and when the mosquito bites her next “victim,” those disease-causing organisms can be transferred along with her saliva.

Getting Rid of Water for Mosquito

It may seem like a never ending battle.

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to get rid of all water sources they can use to breed.

The mosquito needs still water to develop, so if you can get the water moving, that will make the water inhospitable to mosquitoes.

So it is advisable to put an oxygen generator, or a small flowing fountain into your fish tank, or gardening pond!


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