World Around You

If I am writing a diary, I will mark this day with doodles.

However, life is more than just a chronology of events. It is more like a journal.

Therefore, as a practicing/student journalist, I thought I would write about this day as a professional journal – yes, in a blog.

This afternoon, my colleagues and I attended the very first class since the opening of Maldives National University, yesterday.

The pleasure becomes more cherished, when the first class is a class of my, the favorite course – the Multimedia Journalism class.

This becomes an invaluable piece of Gemstone, with the enlightening lecture given by Parliamentarian Mohamed Nasheed (Haa.Dh Kulhudhuhfushi Constituency); one of the most successful bloggers in Maldives.

Me being new to the blogosphere, Mr. Nasheed made me, let me say the whole DJ2010 believe in true blogging.

The first day at Uni got more interesting by the visit of the newly appointed Chancellor of MNU – Dr. Mustafa Luthfee & Acting Vice Chancellor.

This sums up the first day mostly.


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