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First ever Local Council Elections in Maldives kicks off.

A total of 1,088 candidates are to be elected to the positions.

103 Atoll Councils are to be set, while 22, 4016 has voting rights.

Unlike previous elections, this time voting closes at 1600hrs.

Local Council Voting

Local Council Voting. Photo: Haveeru

The voting centers are observed by 776 members from 6 Political Parties, 4 from Commonwealth States and 8 from the United Nations. Also 127 from Independent Commissions are observing elections while over 2,300 are observing the elections on behalf of the candidates.

Media is also given right to observe the voting areas.

Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation reports violence in one of the voting areas of Noonu Atoll. It was when someone claimed to vote on behalf of disabled.

Authorities, says a person can vote on behalf of such, for one personal and the disabled should be regarded as one who has a valid reason to do so.

The ballot box in Noonu Holhudhu is now under Police supervision.

Dhaal Atoll also reported a delay in kicking off voting, due to less amount of voting sheets. News reports suggest that the case is now solved.

In other areas, voting began at 0800am.

Local Council Voting - Photo: Haveeru

Local Council Voting - Photo: Haveeru

This is the 3rd major election since the democratic multi-party presidential elections.

Security measures are monitored by the Maldives Police Services.

Statistical Facts

11 members would be elected to Male City Council.

68 ballot boxes are set up in Male for the people of islands residing in Male.

2 ballot boxes are set up in Trivandrum,India.


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