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Proud to be a bandsmen

Joining School Band is like a dream for many.

Ahmed Maniu Mohamed is one of them, who joined school band while in Grade 5; Imaduddin School.

I noticed him over two years ago, as a bass drummer yet with extraordinary talent.

In no time, Maniu; common among friends as Maanu, reached his dream – to be the Drum-major of the School Band.

Today, Maniu shined bright among his peers, as he led the procession to mark the Maldives’s 451st National Day.

Speaking to me over the phone, just after the parade, Maniu said that he feels proud about the nation when he gets to lead a procession to mark a National event.

Maniu is not just a Drum-major; he was the only one from a primary school to lead the procession last year – on the occasion of Independence Day.

Maniu @ National Day Parade 2011

Maniu @ National Day Parade 2011

As Maniu is studying in Grade 8, he added that he highly appreciates the work and support given by his beloved school and loving parents at all times. Maniu also noted the vital role played by Maldives National Cadet Corps (MNCC), in bringing up band/cadets just like him.

Band Practices

Practices is not only when a mega-event knocks on the door.

The Maldives Band/Cadet always remains ready to perform or lend a helping hand at any event.

The latest in the series was today’s procession, which ran on main streets of the capital Male’.

MNCC in association with interested primary and secondary schools of Male’ began practice for National Day procession over a couple of weeks ago.

Practices were held during evenings in Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC)’s Grounds (TVM Koshi). Parade rehearsals were then carried out early mornings during weekends, on the main streets.

Building for Future

Carrying out band/cadet practices and processions help to yield a special love to music and arms force among the younger generation.

Looking into the past, it is now accepted that most of the young music bands in the country are the fruits of school level bands, while a number of cadets join the National Army of Police.


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  1. i’m proud of my son for his talent

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