World Around You

Journalism has its new perspectives being born everyday; latest the Multimedia. 

There can never be a single medium for reporting & writing about the current affairs, surprising happenings and other issues.

With the development of technology and the birth of cutting of technology, News Media was one of the leaders to implement and use it.

The new path forward, led to Multimedia Journalism or in simple words- Online Journalism.

Media- being the 4th Estate or Power of State & its embarkation on the cutting-edge platform, is believed to make it more powerful.

Whats said above is more to be achieved. Hence, online journalism is believed to be more global, visual and above all easy to maintain and access by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I feel more than happy, to be a apart of the student-body, undertaking a course on Multimedia Journalism as a part of the Diploma Program carried out by the Maldives College of Higher Education.

I personally feel, moving ahead in with Multimedia Journalism would make my work more interactive with the target audience at all times.

I face the challenge to learn more, and work more in the field of journalism as writer, staff of a leading broadcasting corporation and also someone who meets the latest technological advancements in the field.

Above all, this is the best place to be in if cutting-edge knowledge is what is needed to meet the cutting-edge technology.

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