World Around You

Climate Change and hazardous impact of Global Warming and eventual sea level rise is more than an enough threat to the existence of the low lying small island state -Maldives.

For effective adaptation measures, the potential impacts of climate variability and change on human health need to be identified, along with barriers to successful adaptation and the means of overcoming such barriers.

Changes in Earth’s Temperature

Changes in Earth’s Temperature

The national weather records should be kept monitored at regular intervals and must innovate and enhance the services, even if it is by initializing warning and alarm systems.

To stabilize the climate, we need to do more with the energy we generate. We are to claim the technology today to use less energy, reduce pollution and cut rising energy bills.

In addition, assistance to developing countries like Maldives to implement clean energy and avoid deforestation must achieve real reductions that are verifiable, permanent, and enforceable and go beyond business as usual, and should be regulated at all terms.

By becoming the world’s most eco-friendly country, it is expected to attract greater number of environmentally conscious tourists as the chain of low-lying sandy islands in the Indian Ocean, famed for its diving and luxury resorts and increase country’s economic stand to introduce latest green technology at a broader perspective.
Maldives, fears being swamped by rising seas as the planet heats up.

Major economies should toughen their curbs of greenhouse gas emissions blamed for causing global warming.

It is never to be expected, Maldivians to go down into World History as Climate Refugees.

Image Reference:

Waugh, D. (2003). Geography an Integrated Approach. Cheltenham-UK: Nelson Thornes


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